Balancing the “NO”

Like the saying goes “just do it, or you only live once” I’m told many times. Either my maturity level has finally caught up, or my priorities have changed. I have become a home body, sleeping early, waking up early for my morning run. Sipping on my morning coffee and enjoying the calmness of my home. I forget that a social life is needed at times.

I have no hesitation saying “No” to any upcoming event’s but feel guilty at times. I don’t miss the hangovers, midnight greasy hamburgers, or sleeping in on Sunday. I’ve realized that I have to balance my social life in so many levels. What use to be easy, is not as easy as I thought. I have realized that saying “No” sometimes comes at a cost. I have lost friends and close family. I will definitely take full responsibility for the outcome of my current abandoned social life. But I will not apologize.

I have realized with time that sometimes it’s good to put myself out there. I live in a very small city where everyone is very much alike. It almost feels like we all talk the same, love the same, and live the same.  Little did I know that the world is a big place and the possibilities are endless.

I started taking small vacations. I’ve met interesting people, and I love when I meet people with different accents, different cultures, and different ways of thinking. I feel like a young girl learning something new. I find big cities interesting, full of life, and a rush of excitement creeps through every part of my body. I become hopeful and alive.

I look forward to my everyday routine, but mostly I can’t wait for my next adventure. Waking up to a different view, and sipping on my morning coffee in another part of the world. Maybe what I was saying “No” was too my old life, and yearning for a new life.





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