How I stay productive and consistent

Early morning routine

Alarm clock? never needed one. I have always been excited to know what the next day will bring. I wake up at 4 am every morning. I don’t contemplate the negative self talk or the what if’s. I write down my day from start to finish. Depending on the day my routine will slightly change.

Morning workout

The best workouts are in the morning for some of us. Starting the day with a type of cardio and variation of weights. Will help boost the good mood endorphins. The pros of morning workouts are that you get an empty gym. People seem friendly, and love to talk. The best conversations and connections have transpired on my morning workouts.

State of Mind

Focusing in the present moment is important. Becoming aware of your movements, touch, smell, and focusing on positive self talk. Imagine a positive day and how you want start and end.

Breakfast and Coffee or Tea

Your choice, but I love them both. Matcha tea has many health benefits and taste delicious. Breakfast is as important and healthy choices are encourage. I love sweets. and love is an understatement. I went from having a big piece of chocolate from the chocolate factory, or a piece of chocolate cake and never the recommended portion. My motto was the bigger the better. This was my breakfast for years. But as I got older I knew my habits had to change due to lack of focus, and energy levels. It can take weeks to develop a habit too a new diet, for some it may take a little longer. If consistent with healthy choices without breaking the rules. Your brain almost craves the healthy foods.

Productive morning productive day

Starting your day right will set the tone of day a head. Every day brings something new and staying aware and focused is important. Not rushing, and taking the time to breath can bring many benefits to the body and mind.





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