The Best NYC Girls Getaway Guide

By Erica Frias

New York City has been one of the cities that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.

In my twenties I wanted to watch the ball drop in New Years Eve with the love of my life.  I fell in love with N.Y.  through Sex and the City, and watching the ball drop every year in New Years Eve. It never failed for five years straight every time the ball would drop, I would cry. I felt like I was missing something and I weren’t doing what made me happy.

My family would stare at me confused and ask me the same question every year “Why are you crying?” I remember clearly a family member voicing his opinion or assumption that it was because I wasn’t happy. And he was right.

There are many reasons why I would recommend traveling with friends and even doing it alone.

As a young girl, and becoming a woman. I listened to many people that influenced my early years, and regardless of their good intensions. I can’t help to realized that they enabled my fears for a long time. I believed that I needed to stay married and that being a housewife and a mother required dedication. And that I chose to be married and it was too late to want anything else. I no longer needed to have fun or want anything else for myself. For a long time I truly believed in their believes and felt afraid to disappoint anyone close to me. But in the process I was disappointing myself.

As time passed I soon realized that it was going to be a no win situation either it was my family, or myself. And as selfish as I will sound, I chose myself.

For the past two years in a half I’ve discovered many things that have helped me grow. I’ve developed sense of freedom, confidence, and become fearless in many way.

And this are my reasons of why you should travel if it’s something that you have always wanted to do.

How to Plan the Cheapest Getaway 

Do It With Friends

I’ve known this amazing girls for the past year in half. In the beginning of our friendship they mentioned that they were celebrating Lili’s birthday in N.Y.C., and if I was interested in going. Not hesitating I said “YES!” I couldn’t hide my excitement every single part of my existence implied that I would be there no matter what.

There’s always ways to connect have the courage to ask your closest friends to go on trip with you. One of my biggest challenges is that my friends are married and have busy schedules. The answer was always no when I asked for the same reason. It was hard enough to book a dinner date and catch up on friendship. But if the answer is a no then go to those single friends that you never talk to. You’ll be surprised when their willing to spend some time with you regardless of not seeing them in years.

Plan A Budget

The best way to make a trip to run smoothly when traveling with different set’s of minds is to plan ahead. Communicate and ask questions. From where are you going to spend most of your time, to where your eating and how much the cost will be.

I set my budget to round estimate of 1,800 dollars for seven days. This includes Air Flight, Hotel, places we would be visiting, transportation, and food.  Be the one or have someone tracking all the expenses if it involves one person booking the hotel, transportation, and events.

Split The Cost In Hotel

We stayed in a hotel near Central Park, and Time Square everything that we wanted to do was accessible. Don’t be afraid not stay in a fancy hotel. Sometimes experiences beats luxury. It was four of us and two beds. Use your imagination.

I love this girls and had no problem sharing my bed or anything for that matter. Let me state once again that this are not my childhood friends, family, sisters, or lifetime friendships.

Take The Subway

Cheapest way to get around N.Y. and I really enjoyed the process. But I do find life interesting and anything new only adds to my knowledge and curiosity. We went around the city with $15 dollars for the seven days of our stay.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk

Central Park is a beautiful place to visit, and you need more than seven days to really get the experience what it has to offer. But in my short stay I had my mourning runs, and it was the most rewarding experiences. After my morning workouts the girls had an agenda of what we would be doing. We managed to visit some of the most popular places in our 7 day stay from the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, Grand Central Terminal, One World Trade Center, and had a mini road trip to Washington D.C. witch was a four hour drive. We did rent a car and split the cost among four of us.

On one occasion we did 18 miles because we missed the subway and instead of waiting for the next subway we decided to walk and enjoy the city. By the end of the day it was midnight, and some of the girls were regretting the decision. I was very happy to know that I had the chance to get to know part of he city and got a lot of miles in. The next day all the girls were happy and felt accomplished because of our determination from that walk.

Plan Meals you Don’t Need to Splurge

As tempting as it is to indulge in finest expresso, pastry, and finest meal everyday. You might want to reconsider and plan meals and how much you want to waste on eating.

I took healthy snacks and quick healthy bars. When traveling with different personalities your never going to be on the same page when it has to do with picking a restaurant.

But when it came to our budget we all knew that it couldn’t exceed $20 dollars, and we had two meals a day. We all realized soon enough that fancy restaurants did not fill our tummies, and the traditional diners had the best meals. Everyone had their special preference in what they were willing to splurge. The girls would indulge in pastries and sweets and what they craved throughout the day. As for me it was coffee and healthy snack incase I got hungry.

Sometimes you’ll be too excited about your day that hunger will not be on the to do list.

We ate in two fancy restaurants in our stay and that was enough for me too experience the quality of the food. And I’m a coffee addict and I did splurged on coffee more than I needed too, and one of my favorite locations at walking distance was Bibble & Sip.


Do it for yourself and be unapologetic for your choices. Do it to find purpose. Do it for your health, and well being.

This is what I learned from my adventure. I always imagined flying as a scary experience and never imagined myself ever do in it.

And this is what really happened. I felt excited to go on my adventure. It was the fourth of July 4, 2017 and I could see fireworks from above. It was the most wonderful experience.

Second travel is always fun with friends, and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all sunshine, and rainbows. We are women and our moods are never in the same frequency. But overall we all managed work together and enjoy the experience.

Third traveling to a different city gives you a different perspective about life. I realized how much I love to travel. How different we all are, and how much more I want to learn.

Every day was an exciting experience. A city that doesn’t sleep and it’s definitely true. It was exactly how I imagined it, and at the end of our trip I really didn’t want to leave

I realized that if you want to travel, and don’t do it it’s because we’re are setting our own limitations.

The advice is to myself and to those that really want to enjoy the art of traveling is to just do it.