Believe and Create

If I need culinary school to learn how to toss the pizza in the air...then it will be well worth it. 😉

Other than that this pizza taste as good as my Friday night order.

It doesn't always have to be clean eating...we must remember to indulge on our favorites once in while to keep us mentally sane.

3 Favorite Low Carb Pancakes 

Sometimes I have no time to think, nor do I have the time to cook. And for those special unique hectic days this pancakes were not only perfect. 

They became the highlight of my week.  Satisfying to my soul and mouthwatering since beginning of preparation. 

You'll love the three different selections. 

Moist Pumpkin Low Carb Bread

Super Moist, dense, bursting with pumpkin flavor, lightly sweetened, infused with spice, and devilishly mouthwatering delicious.

Low Carb Bread must I say anymore? 😉

The Best Boneless Lamb Leg

Lean juicy, tender, and enjoyable flavors.

Put it in the oven set the cooking timer, and forget about it until the aromas starts to sneak through the core of your nose and your thought process. And all you can think of is getting your hands on a piece of meat. 

Chocolaty Fat Bombs

Ever wonder how to eat healthy without feeling like we ate loads of sugar? 

I've manage to inspire myself to create the best tasting recipes, because I'm always craving something. And if it's not good it wont be posted.

This Chocolaty Fat Bombs are totally worth posting.  

Delicious, and exquisite taste. Melts in your mouth and satisfy ling smooth.   

Best Marinated Skirt Steak

I have a problem with portion control. And one of my main problems with eating out is when the amount of steak on my plate is small enough to feed my child. And even my boys think is not enough. This only happens when eating meat. I can figure out a couple of reasons why this happens, but not necessary to get to nifty with the details. All I want to do is eat. 

The perfect solution and best way to fix almost anything is by knowing how to do it yourself. 😉

Craving the perfect steak, and it didn't disappoint one bit. Juicy, tender, infused with the perfect combination of spices. A must try. 

Lemon Avocado Sauce

As promised the extra twist too my Omelet and highlight of my day. 

Sweet and Crunchy Omelet

Sometimes we just want to eat something that it's easy and fast. We run too our favorite fast food restaurant. Just to realize that it took a long drive and it made us feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day. At least this is how I feel after my favorite fast food craving.

When in fact it only takes a couple of minutes too enjoy something accessible and easy to make from the comfort of your own home. 

Best Pie Crust in the World

My favorite and one of a kind. Takes a couple of tries too perfect, and no doubt you'll be making it for all your favorite pies, or pastries.

The Best Marinara Pasta Sauce

Marinara sauce for days incase your missing some flavor in your pasta's, or pizza. Easy to make and store. 

Turkey Eggplant Lasagna The Best

Comfort food at it's best like the saying goes. And to top it off guilt free recipe. My boys and family loved it can't wait to make it again. It's the cheese that does it for me. 🙂

Low Carb Banana Chocolate Cake

When in need for a time out or just a moment of me time. Take a couple of steps back, or maybe more depending on how bad you need it.

And indulge on the chocolaty richness of this recipe. Intense chocolaty flavor that melts in your mouth, and very moist.

Refocus and recharged is exactly how I felt.


Quinoa Fig Brownie


Wondering how you can get your family, and friends to eat healthy?

My strategy is a little like this "Sister I can make you the waffle as you requested, but try this first and if you don't like it. I will definitely make you the waffle that you been craving."

The odds will be in your favor, and they will be asking for seconds. And go ahead and explain all the ingredients in addition to all the benefits towards healthy eating. It creates a positive conversation towards planting the seed of life changing habits.

Don't forget the Coffee.

The Best Quinoa Ground Turkey Casserole

I have to admit that every time my boys eat my food. It makes me extremely happy.

My oldest is fourteen years old, and when I made this dish he looked at me and said "This is good Mom" with a smile.

Consistency and discipline is what I have been practicing, and decided not to give up. Little by little I'm winning the battle with my picky eaters.

To my surprise I have noticed that the onions are not being questioned, or taken out of their plates. They still pick at their plate, and have a questionable look, but started to trust my cooking.


Quinoa Banana Muffin

Once you try this, you'll be amazed, and consider all the creative possibilities when baking with QUINOA.

This muffins are delicious, and healthy. Soft, moist, and chewy. It feels like your indulging into your favorite treat, but guilt free. My favorite part was driving on the road, eating my muffin, and singing along to my favorite singer Adele. This thought alone makes me smile.


Easy to make Crustless Quiche

On fast pace off days this is my go to fast meals.

Protein and vegetables and my favorite part cheese. Go to meals gone right. 🙂

The Best Turkey Meatballs

I have two picky eaters. That question everything I do, "do I have to eat that?" "do I have to wear that?" or just the fact that I mention their name. The answer is always the same "Yes you do!" I will have to admit that this is my answer, but one that I never enforce.  But It never fails "why mom." My biggest challenge is introducing them to healthy eating habits. I'm happy to say that this meatballs were a winner. Easy to make anytime of the day.