Best Marinated Skirt Steak

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By Erica’s Coffee_foodievlog


Not Camera or Video ready what a bummer.

Exhausted from a long day of work and not in the mood to cook is probably were my creative side is at it’s peak.

I decided to marinate the Skirt Steak for 12 hours, and if that was the trick for the perfect juicy and tender steak. Then this is going to be my new way.

Note to self, the quickest and easiest recipes happen to be the most delicious and mind blowing.

Skirt Steak Prep

I usually use olive oil, and this time I seen some unsalted butter and said to myself “why not.”

Smothering the slab of steak with butter, added all the spices on hand to find the perfect taste. I’m also currently on Christmas mode and can’t seem to let go of the nutmeg.

When I was preparing I started to feel a bit of excitement. Feeling pleased I headed to my bed, and couldn’t wait to cook.

I had a funny feeling that it was going to be good, and at the same time disappointed that I didn’t take a proper video. 🙁

Before The Morning Rush

Went to the gym, and before getting the boys ready for school.

The steak went on a pan for breakfast. Instantly the meat started realizing all the aromas from the spices.

I love the sound and smell of steak when it’s searing.

Meat is Our Favorite Ingredient 

My sister wakes up and I seen a twinkle in her eyes. And she was extra nice that particular day. I can see how food brings people together.

Their wasn’t one single complain about breakfast.

The Taste

Mouthwatering is an understatement. A must try in order to believe.

Before heading out the door to take my boys to school.  I grabbed a piece of steak and took a bite. My taste buds, and mind where extremely pleased.

At that moment I wanted to sit and enjoy calmly and savor every bite.

I’m a meat eater at heart the fattier the meat taste the better. And The flavor was extraordinary pleasing. Buttery, salty, and the glazing of the vinaigrette gave the meat a nice caramelized sweet flavor.

I had 15 minutes until school started. Rushing my boys to eat breakfast fast and and I was rushing to get everyone inside the car.

Don’t let the list of Spices Intimidate

With all the spices that I’m going to list it might seem a bit overwhelming. It really wasn’t it took me about four minutes to prepare and left it over night to marinate.

It was the highlight of my day.





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Marinated Skirt Steak
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 8 to 12 Hours
Cook Time 7 minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 8 to 12 Hours
Cook Time 7 minutes
  1. Smother the meat with butter. Leave butter at room temperature. Add all the spices on a small bowl. Pour onto the meat.
  2. Cover meat over night on a bowl and let marinate 8 to 12 hours.
  3. On stove place pan on medium heat, and add olive oil for searing. Sear for two minutes on each side. And flip for about one minute on each side. I love my meat medium rare. Leave longer if desire for extra cooking. Enjoy 🙂
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