Eggplant Alfredo Sauce Casserole

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Warning Worth Spending Approximately Two Hours

I don’t usually spend two hours in the Kitchen on school night…but when I do I make sure soccer Practice is canceled.😝

My sons soccer coach sends a message around 3:00pm that soccer was canceled…this message came at a (Perfect) time.

Nothing makes me more happier than having time to cook. And if it involves loads of cheese the more pleasure I feel.

Rules to Make It This Recipe Easy

I use to either forget to add the flour to the Alfredo Sauce, and wonder why it wouldn’t feel thick in consistency or eggplant would start burning because I was cutting veggies or grating the cheese.

But I became kitchen smart and looked for ways to make my life a little easier. Yes! you will end up with more dirty dishes but your dish will taste and look irresistible and enjoyable to create.

If you don’t want to forget to add an ingredient

  • Set a timer
  • Pull all your ingredients from the refrigerator
  • Pull all your seasonings from the covers
  • Grab your measuring spoons
  • Grade your chesses ahead of time
  • Cut your Broccoli in small pieces
  • Oh Yes! (Turn Off All Notifications From Cell Phone) Helps The Focus In the Kitchen
  • You will need two large pans, one for the Alfredo Sause, second pan for the eggplant or three pans if you want to cook the whole eggplant without having to use the same pan
  • Have your baking dish ready
  • Most Important imagine it, write it down, and create with passion

Share Your Food…Share The Love

My recipes are made for a table of four. But usually I’m sitting at the table alone and savoring on the glory of my dish…thinking of every person that could be sharing this moment with me.

And if the thought is there then the mission is to serve. Which means that the following day I made it a mission to prepared two plates for friends and shared the love.


What Melts Your Soul?

My heart melts for Cheese…and Fuels My soul. Cooking makes me feel alive and motivates every area of my life. I find balance, dedication and time to create space to what really matters which is family and friends.

Cooking is Like Art…Either You Create Your Piece Or You Loose Your Vision

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Eggplant Alfredo Sauce Casserole
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 35 Minutes
Cook Time 51 Minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 35 Minutes
Cook Time 51 Minutes
  1. Cut the Eggplant thick round wedges. Grade the cheese, Cut Broccoli, Cut Fresh Garlic into Half moons
  2. Pour Whole Wheat Flour on a Bowl add salt, Garlic Powder, Smoked Paprika, Chicken Bouillon set aside. Separate Bowl add three whole eggs and mix
  3. Place Eggplant wedges into the egg mixture and cover each eggplant with seasoned whole wheat flour. Place Breaded Eggplant on a cutting board or a plate and set aside for frying.
  4. Set stove on low heat and set two pans. One for eggplant and second one for Alfredo Sauce.
  5. On one pan Add Olive Oil Place your Eggplant and cook for three minutes on one side and flipping over second side cook for four minutes. Place Second batch of Eggplant and repeat cooking time.
  6. Second Pan Add Unsalted Butter, Heavy Cream, Salt, Whole Wheat Flour Cream Cheese, Cook for five minutes on low heat or until cream cheese starts to melts. When it starts bubbling add Parmesan Cheese let melt for one minute and it feels thick in texture. Set aside from heat and add Fresh Parsley.
  7. On a 8 in Baking Dish Assemble all cooked ingredients, fresh cut veggies and Cheese. First layer onto Baking Dish add Alfredo Sauce, Second Layer Eggplant, Third Layer Spinach, Fourth Layer Broccoli, Fifth Layer Add Fresh Garlic, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Dried Parsley, Manchego Cheese, and Jack Cheese. Repeat Eggplant, Alfredo Sauce, Spinach, Broccoli, Fresh Garlic, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Dried Basil, Manchego Cheese, Jack Cheese.
  8. Place Baking Dish in the Oven and Cook at 400 Degrees for 25-30 minutes. Note! Stove Should Be Set at Low To Medium Heat. Keep In Mind that I was Frying Eggplant and Cooking Alfredo Sauce At same time. You Can Cook One at a Time and Lower the Chances of the Sauce or Eggplant getting Burned. Enjoy 🙂
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