Why are You Trusting Me With A Gun!

December 23, 2017 doubleshot2017 No comments exist

It was Sunday morning and I felt like I needed to do something out of routine. I had been going through some unexpected events, and I felt like I was dwelling on the issue for way too long.

That Sunday I send a video to my friend with an invitation to the shooting range.

She had previously insinuated an interest, and said “Yes!” and I didn’t hesitate one bit to pick her up.

When we were  getting off I started to feel a little nervous. I felt my hands shaking and my legs felt a little weak.

As I start waking towards the building I switched my internal dialogue, and almost got in meditation mode. Taking deep breaths in and saying to myself “calm down.”

The adrenaline was creaping in and I knew if I didn’t control my false excitement their would be room to make an error.

The guy that helped us was very sweet he knew we didn’t know what we were doing.

He showed us how to hold the gun, put in the bullets, and how to retract the gun for shooting.

When I was holding the gun I was still shaking and was hoping that he and my friend weren’t able to notice.

I felt responsible for my friend, and I could sense that she was a little more scared than I was. And I didn’t want to add to her anxiety.

When the guy was going through the steps of handling the gun I wasn’t fully present, because I was too nervous.

He hands us the basket with the gun and I took initiative to take it inside the range. Confidently with basket in hand I questioned what the F#$% I’m I doing. Do I really need this much excitement in my life?.

We walked through the first door and open the second door. When we heard a loud shot that managed to hurt the inside of my ear.

I instantly remembered him saying “before you go in put on the ear and eye protectors gear.”

I think my friend remembered the instructions when she heard the shot as well because I heard her say “Ouch!” and we both ran back inside laughing nervously.

When I looked up the instructor was looking at us and laughing as well.

Going back inside all the gear was on sight. How could we have missed it I questioned.

We began gearing and trying to calm myself and keep my nerves under control.

Heading out to the range I started to feel a little more in control of how I felt.

It was probably the loud shot that spiked my focus.

And the fact that I wanted to put my friend at ease, and if I had any influence in the energy around us. I wanted it to be positive.

My level of focus was enough to be able to control the gun and managed to remember the steps to put insert the bullets, and retract the gun.

My friend even voiced that I was a natural. Little did she know I was freaking out inside. 🙈😉😂






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